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Satour was born in 2012 with a small group of professionals who had worked for more than 10 years in the marketing of hotels and services in the country. Therefore, our knowledge of Spain is extensive and thorough, during the first years, we marketed our services, both cultural and corporate, to Spanish companies and of course, we continue to do so today. 

Three years later, with extensive experience in group management, we decided to open the international market and started with Asia and finally, in collaboration with Flamingo Group Vietnam, we opened an office in Hanoi where we concentrated our operations from all over the Asian continent. Soon after, we started to work with the Middle East and began to provide services for Arab clients as our headquarters are located in Granada, capital of the ancient Nasrid kingdom and a few kilometres from Marbella, Seville and Cordoba where we are leaders in the organisation of incentives and corporate and cultural events. From our office in Madrid we manage mainly the operations in central and northern Spain, and from Granada we develop the south of Spain, the sunny Andalusia, with an unstoppable growth, but also Portugal and Morocco.

We have never been a big company, we have always wanted to keep our size limited, because we do not want to be a travel factory, we want to be a boutique of experiences, where each file is carefully studied according to the needs of our valued collaborators. This is why we are called craftsmen, a term that we did not give ourselves, but which was given to us by our most loyal customers because of the dedication, affection and dynamic way in which the whole team that makes up the Satour family works.

Satour, artisans of tourism since 2012.


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