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Alicante is profiled as one of the main tourist centers of Comunidad Valenciana and of Spain, attracting many visitors throughout the year. IFA is one of the examples of this evolution.

The Institution was founded in 1959. But it is during the last seven years that IFA has experienced the greatest development. During this period of time it has been possible, not without efforts, to place the IFA as one of the biggest reference points in Spain. With the support of Alicante’s society as a whole, IFA has been able to establish, consolidate and promote events from a very diversified range of sectors: footwear, cars, aesthetics, commerce, home, food, and hospitality, leisure and free time or construction.

At present, IFA organizes more than twenty fairs and multiple congresses, seminars or symposiums that annually attract the interest of ALMOST 300,000 people and (more than) AROUND 2,000 companies. As a result, IFA has managed to position itself (in the top positions) AT THE TOP in terms of (the) number of contests organized and (the) net surface area of (exposure)EXIBITION? available.

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